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Get a shirt, help a child! Our March Shirt-of-the-Month is here!

We all have a family, whether we stick to it or not. A biological family. A found family of friends or new relatives. Our ultimate family in Christ.

We all know what it means to be lost...and then found. We know how it can feel to be unloved, unaccepted, un-enjoyed and unknown. But God is willing to step in and holds His hand out to each of us. He sent Jesus FOR US. He wants each of us as His own sons and daughters. So what will you do in response?

We invite you to take a step forward by joining our March Shirt-of-the-Month journey to support adoptive/foster families in the Triad! This month, we got a jump start on launching our March design. Why? Because any purchase you make now through March 5th will be donated to the Mercy Hill Church Adoption Matching Fund.

What's that and why does it matter?

My home church, Mercy Hill Church, is in the middle of a sermon series called "Chosen". In this series, we're looking at what the Bible says about adoption, family, the creation of life, and how we can take active steps to show Jesus' love in our community.​ Specifically, one of our goals as a church is to raise up 200 foster or adoptive families by 2025!

But we can't do it alone...we need your support! Therefore, Fangirling Over Jesus* launched the "Family" shirt early — and ALL PROCEEDS raised from this shirt by the end of the campaign on March 5th will go straight to the Mercy Hill Adoption Matching Fund. While this shirt will continue to be on sale through the end of March, you must purchase a shirt by March 5th in order to have the proceeds go to the fund. You can learn more about the fund and our goals to help children in our community here:

What does this shirt feature?

In line with our mission to provide a scifi shirt with a gospel verse, each shirt features the black widow hourglass and a quote from a certain red-haired Marvel Avenger with a found-family she would literally sacrifice anything for, as well as Galatians 4:5 on the back. Our hope is that with this shirt, you might be reminded of the power of family—what family brings to you, and what you contribute through your own personality and strengths. And most of all, we hope that it reminds you that God has called you into His own family—that He sent His only son Jesus so that He could ultimately regain you as a son or daughter in Christ.


*This campaign is not sponsored by Mercy Hill Church. Fangirling Over Jesus just wants to give back to our home church, and support adoptive and foster families in the process. Thanks for your support!

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