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February Shirt of the Month
"RISE" — Click any of the photos below to shop!
(Each shirt/product has the "RISE" front and the Ezra 10:4 back. More background below.)
Rise Design of the Month.png

Alongside my blog, I wanted to do a "Shirt of the Month" that, very simply, celebrated my love of fandom and my love for Jesus combined. This month's shirt, available until February 29th, is called RISE.


I absolutely LOVED The Rise of Skywalker, and there are so many things I loved about the theme of "rise," from Rey's experience at the end ("be with me") and the Jedi surrounding her, to Ben Solo rising from the depths of the rocky pit Palpatine sent him to to die. 

That theme, combined with Ezra 10:4 "Arise, for it is your task and we are with you; be strong and do it," makes for a pretty empowering shirt! I chose this verse for many reasons— first, because it also incorporates the them of RISE, and second because it covers a time in which Ezra finds hope. Ezra is coincidentally the name of one of the main characters in Star Wars: Rebels, which is my favorite Star Wars show! 

We have shifted our print shop to Etsy (fulfilled by Printful), so click any of the photos above and check it out! We have short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and a tote bag!

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