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The Girl With A Lightsaber

Hi! I'm Ashley...and I'm a Christian and a sci-fi fan. 

It started one day when I walked into the office (I work for my church) and realized I had four different fandoms represented in my clothing, jewelry, and office gear. A Star Wars shirt, BB-8 backpack, Doctor Who necklace, Captain America ring, and Wonder Woman tumbler and laptop case. 


Of course not. 

I love fandoms, although ironically, I didn't come into my strong love for sci-fi until just six years ago (more on that in an upcoming blog). I believe in the strong cohesion that fans can have together, and I have always felt welcomed and accepted at the conventions I have attended since SDCC 2013. In fact, when I came back from attending the Star Wars Celebration Convention in Chicago (2019), my answer to "How was it?" was often "Joyful! And welcoming, thrilling, and full of kindness and wonder." 

There was a unity there that frankly I wish could be spread across the world. And that I hope would be experienced in church. 

I am a believer in the Gospel. I believe in Jesus, and that he died on the cross for our sins, and was resurrected three days later, conquering death. I believe that there is absolutely nothing we can do to earn our salvation; we are saved by grace when we put our faith in Christ. And once we do that, we try to live more like Christ each day, out of love and gratitude for what He has done. And while yes, there are people who would believe in something else, my goal with this website and blog is to bridge the gap between pop culture, science fiction, and faith. I believe that evidence of faith and Christianity can be found in the depths of your favorite Star Wars or Harry Potter movie, and I believe that the same hope and joy fans find at conventions also exists in the church. 

So my prayer is that this site would be of encouragement to you, regardless of where you are in your faith, or even if you are a non-believer. The call to start writing something like this blog simply grew too strong for me to ignore, which is why it's now on your screen. So happy reading, God bless, and feel free to get in touch!


The views, opinions, and stories expressed on this website and blog are mine alone, and in no way intentionally represent the views, opinions, or values—expressed or implied—of the writers and artists within these fandoms. 

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